Friday, May 02, 2008


I have great kids!

I really like who my boys have become…that’s a good thing to be able to say about your kids. They’re sweet, caring, sensitive gentlemen. They make me proud in so many ways by the ways they act and react, as well as their accomplishments in life.

Christopher has become a very responsible driver and will have his license in less than a month. As a mom, this is really, really scary. Less than two weeks ago, a classmate of his was killed in a car accident, so the magnitude of responsibility he is about to receive has really hit home…not just for him, but for the whole school. Christopher was touched deeply by his friends’ death and requested that I take him to the viewing. He was filled with emotion and sadness for this family and wasn’t afraid to let those tender emotions show. I was proud of him for being a man that day.

Ian continues to amaze me with his analytical skills. He was asked to participate in a computer programming competition at U of M today. He was the only Freshman invited to participate on a team of students who had already taken 2 1/2 trimesters of college-level programming classes. He must have a knack for it or the teacher wouldn’t have chosen him. He has been able to identify this as an area that he loves and thinks that this is the direction he will take for a career.

Both boys love music…and have a talent for it…just like their Dad! This makes me happy. Music is such a great influence on the spirit and emotional well-being of a person–I’m really glad that they have found a niche there. The school will be sending them to a week-long Jazz Band Camp this summer, which will be a great experience for them! It’s local, so they don’t have to reside on campus, which works well for our family. Christopher has learned that he can sing in the past couple of weeks, too! He had to do sight-singing for his A.P. Music Theory class & the teacher was surprised to hear him sing well…no more than Christopher, though, I’m sure! He’s talking about trying out for the musical next year and taking Choir his Senior year.

Ian is all signed-up for Driver’s Ed. class and seems more excited about the prospect of getting behind the than he was previously. I think the fact that Christopher will soon have his license is contributing to his excitement, too. I can’t believe how fast they’ve grown up! It seems like only yesterday…

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